10 Things You MUST Bring To A Rage Room (And 10 To Leave At Home)

A rage room, also known as a smash room or an anger room, is a safe space where people can vent their rage and frustration by destroying objects.

The facilities generally provide safety gear and items to destroy, but here is a list of things you might consider bringing or preparing before your visit:

woman in rage room

1. Comfortable, protective clothing

You’ll be engaging in physical activity, so wear clothes that are comfortable and allow for a range of motion. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended to protect your skin from potential debris. Avoid wearing anything you wouldn’t want to get dirty.

man wearing long sleeves and denim pants

2. Closed-toe shoes

This is important for protecting your feet. Steel-toed boots or work shoes are ideal if you have them.

3. Hair tie

If you have long hair, you’ll want to tie it back to keep it out of your face and away from any debris.

woman about to tie her hair

4. Water bottle

Smashing things can be physically demanding, and you’ll want to stay hydrated.

water bottle

5. Identification

Ensure you bring appropriate ID as you may not be allowed to smash without it. This is especially important if it’s your first visit or you look like you may be under 18.

man holding a driver's license card

6. Bank Card

Different facilities may have different payment policies, so bring a payment method acceptable by the rage room.

bank cards

7. Phone or camera

Most rage rooms allow you to take photos inside, although they won’t be responsible if your phone or camera gets smashed! Even if you don’t use it while you’re smashing, it can be good to take a before and after photo of the carnage, or a selfie with the baseball bat!

man holding a gopro camera

8. Music

Depending on the rage room, you may be able to bring your own playlist to smash to. Here are some songs that I have on my smash room playlist.

woman listening music

9. Personal items to smash (optional)

Some rage rooms allow you to bring your own items to destroy. This can be especially therapeutic if the item represents something you want to let go of. Always check with the facility first, though, as there are often restrictions on what types of items are allowed.

old personal items in rage room

10. An open mindset

While not a physical item, going to a rage room can be an emotional experience. It’s important to approach it with an open mind and a readiness to confront and let out your anger in a safe environment.

woman - strong mindset

Remember, each rage room facility might have its own rules and requirements, so it’s a good idea to call ahead or check their website to ensure you’re fully prepared for your visit.

While specific rules may vary depending on the rage room facility, there are several types of items that are commonly prohibited for safety reasons.

These are the things you should leave at home…

1. Explosive or flammable items

Anything that could explode or ignite is a serious safety risk and will not be allowed in a rage room.


2. Chemicals or hazardous materials

This includes anything that could be harmful if broken open or smashed, such as items containing chemicals, asbestos, or other hazardous materials.

chemicals and hazardous materials

3. Electronic items with batteries

Smashing electronics can release hazardous materials. Plus, batteries can explode when damaged, which is a serious safety risk.

4. Alcohol or drugs

Impairment can be a serious safety risk in a rage room. You need to be fully alert and in control of your actions, so any substances that could impair your judgment or coordination are not allowed.

assorted alcohol beverages

5. Pets

Rage rooms are not a safe environment for animals. Leave your furry friends at home.

owner hugging pet dog

6. Items of sentimental value

Rage rooms are meant for smashing things, so don’t bring anything you might regret destroying.

7. Jewelry and Accessories

Large, dangling or loose jewelry can be a safety risk during the high-energy activity in a rage room. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can get caught on objects or equipment, potentially leading to injury.

jewelry and accessories

8. Loose clothing

Similar to jewelry, loose clothing, scarves, or ties can pose a safety risk as they can get caught while you’re smashing items.

people wearing loose clothing

9. Food and Drink

To prevent spills, contamination, and potential hazards, many rage rooms don’t allow food or drink inside the smashing area.

food and drinks

10. Valuables

Besides jewelry, any valuable items, including expensive clothing, accessories, or other personal items, should not be brought into a rage room due to the risk of damage or loss.

watch and bracelets

Remember, the goal of a rage room is to let out anger or stress in a controlled environment while keeping safety as the top priority. Always follow the rules and guidelines provided by the facility to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Remember to check with your specific rage room facility before your visit to make sure you are clear on their rules and restrictions.

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