What Can You Break in a Rage Room?

Ever feel like smashing something to pieces just for the fun of it? Well, you’re in luck! Rage rooms have become an exciting way to unleash your inner wrecking ball, all within the safety of a controlled environment.

rage room in Japan

As you embark on your thrilling destruction journey, you might wonder which objects are eligible for smashing. Let’s dive into the world of rage rooms and explore some top contenders for you to smash away your stress.

Ready your sledgehammer, and keep your safety goggles on – it’s about to get delightfully destructive in here as we reveal what you can break in a rage room. Let the smashing begin!

Most Common Items In Rage Rooms

These are the most popular rage room destruction targets…

Electronics Galore: TVs, Computers, and Phones

Imagine the satisfaction of smashing a flat-screen TV, computer monitor, or an old cellphone to bits. In rage rooms, electronics are among the hottest items to break.

You’ll feel like a tech-destroying superhero surrounded by electronic waste such as laptops, keyboards, vacuum cleaners, and radios.

old electronics

Dishes and Glassware: No More Matching Sets

Tired of matching plates and glasses? Not a problem! Rage rooms are filled with dishes, bottles, cups, and other fragile kitchen items.

Release your inner bull in a china shop and shatter those matching sets with joy. Farewell, annoying dinnerware!


Office Equipment: Farewell to Paper Jams

Ever wanted to take a baseball bat to your printer or office copier out of sheer frustration? Now you can! Rage rooms often feature office equipment like printers and copiers.

Trust us, these paper-jamming devices won’t stand a chance against your unleashed fury.

old office equipment

Unique and Quirky Items To Destroy in Rage Rooms

So you’re looking for some unorthodox items to wreck in a rage room, huh? Let’s dive into some of the out-of-the-ordinary things you can shatter, break or simply obliterate!

Old Furniture: Couches and Desks Put to Rest

Craving to destroy something substantial? Try obliterating an old couch or putting a desk out of its misery. Sources confirm that certain rage rooms offer a wide variety of furniture just waiting for you to tear apart.

Don’t give that dusty loveseat another chance – go to town with a sledgehammer and show it who’s boss!

old furnitures

Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Bursting the tires, taking out the taillights, and smashing the windscreens are all on the agenda if you book a rage room that offers a vehicle-smashing experience.

As vehicles are so large, they make great targets for group events like team building or bachelor parties.

woman smashing the car

A potpourri of Oddities: Mannequins, Wind Chimes, and more!

Who said you had to stick to glassware and electronics? Head over to a rage room that has various oddities for you to annihilate.

You might come across mannequins, wind chimes, and many other fascinatingly breakable items to vent your anger. You never know what kind of eccentric items you’ll discover amid the wreckage.


Now that you’re aware of the many one-of-a-kind things you can demolish in a rage room, unleash your inner Hulk and have a smashing time satisfying your destructive desires. Go forth, and let the wreckage begin!

What Can You Not Smash In A Rage Room?

Many rage rooms allow you to bring your own stuff to smash. This is handy of you have a box of your ex’s stuff that you need to dispose of. Bye-bye Xbox!

But, there are some limits as to what’s allowed, for safety reasons. So, here’s a list of stuff that you’re usually not allowed to destroy…

Hazardous Materials

This includes items like batteries, aerosols, and chemicals, which can be harmful or even fatal if broken open and inhaled.

Electronic Devices

While some rage rooms allow old electronics like computers and TVs, others prohibit them due to the risk of hazardous materials inside. Many allow you to smash flat-screen TVs, but not the old CRT models.

Glass Containers with Liquids

The liquids can splash and potentially cause harm. It also creates an additional mess to clean up.

Items Containing Asbestos

Older items, especially construction materials, might contain asbestos, which is extremely dangerous when airborne.

Items with Mercury

This includes things like old thermometers or certain types of light bulbs.

Pressurized Containers

Items such as gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, or aerosol cans can explode if damaged.

Firearms or Explosives

Even if unloaded or inert, these are typically not allowed due to the inherent danger associated with them.

Living Things

This should go without saying, but animals, plants, or anything else living should never be brought into a rage room.

Personal Items of Sentimental Value

While you might feel angry enough to smash them in the moment, you’ll likely regret it later.

Items Made of Toxic or Radioactive Materials

This includes certain types of smoke detectors, old paint cans, and other items that could release harmful substances when broken.

What Else Is In A Rage Room?

Of course, the stars of the show are the breakable items you’ll be taking your pent-up aggression out on. But let’s not ignore the supporting players in this drama.

The unsung heroes of rage rooms include the walls, flooring, and any other surfaces that remain unscathed amidst your flurry of fury. Resilient and sturdy, they bear witness to your performance without wavering.

rage room

Craving the limelight, you’ll often find cameras strategically placed to capture your memorable (or potentially embarrassing) moments of rage.

Rage rooms ensure your safety is of the utmost importance. So you can expect to be equipped with safety gear, such as gloves, goggles, or even full-face protection.

Various weapons will be provided, giving you the power to show those inanimate objects who’s boss.

Some rage rooms have cameras so that your friends can watch on a screen outside.

So there you have it, my esteemed anger artist: a peek behind the curtain of the rage room experience. Now go forth and unleash your fury in a space created just for you and your inner demolition expert!

What Weapons Can You Use To Smash Things In A Rage Room?

So, you’re ready to unleash your inner Hulk in a rage room? Splendid! But, my oh my, what weapons should you wield on this smashing adventure? Worry not, dear reader, because we’ve prepared a delightful list of weaponry designed to satisfy your destructive desires.

First on the shopping list is the classic, the one-and-only, sledgehammer. This timeless beauty will turn TVs into heaps of glass and plastic faster than you can say Thor.

Another favorite in the room of rage is the baseball bat, perfect for making your inner Babe Ruth proud as you hit those home runs into a hapless printer.

two men holding sledgehammer and baseball bat

However, if golf is more your style, why not try a golf club? Who says you can’t give those monitors and keyboards a good swing on the green? If you’re into a bit more finesse and technique, a trusty pipe will allow you to go all Sherlock as you solve the mystery of the shattering plate.

Remember, the key to enjoying your time in a rage room is to choose a weapon that makes you feel like the ultimate destroyer. So grab your weapon of choice and let the smashing begin. Happy trails, mighty warrior!

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