The Best Rage Rooms in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon, has just one rage room. But the good news is that Wrecking Ballers is all you need. You’ll find this unique facility in the basement of Fork Forty Food Hall on State Street in Salem’s central area.

About Wrecking Ballers

The concept is simple but exhilarating: suit up, grab a tool, and go to town on an assortment of breakables. Whether it’s to blow off steam, release anxiety, or just have some fun, Wrecking Ballers offers an unmatched experience.

Wrecking Ballers
Photo: Wrecking Ballers

The rage room is known for its diverse assortment of items to destroy, ranging from VHS tapes and glass bottles to computer screens and TVs. Each session is a liberating opportunity to do something we’re often told not to: break things.

Safety is a top priority at Wrecking Ballers. Participants are provided with comprehensive protective gear, including helmets, face guards, jumpsuits, and gloves. This ensures that you can go all out in your smashing spree without worrying about injuries.

To make the experience even more memorable, the staff captures your best moments in slow-motion video – a copy is sent to you straight afterwards.

Wrecking Ballers offers a variety of packages to suit different preferences and budgets…

The “Wreck It” package, priced at $30 per person, includes 15 items for destruction, while the “Wreck It More” option at $45 provides over 25 items.

For couples, the “Date Night” package offers an exciting, unconventional date experience for $80, including 45 items to smash together.

Operating from Wednesday to Friday from 4 PM to 9 PM, and weekends from 12 PM to 9 PM, Wrecking Ballers is conveniently located for those in and around Salem. The venue also caters to small groups, with a maximum capacity of six, making it ideal for intimate gatherings or solo sessions.

Before your visit, Wrecking Ballers advises coming in closed-toe shoes and listening to some energizing music, like Metallica, to get in the smashing mood.

Beyond the smashing, Wrecking Ballers’ location in the basement of Fork Forty Food Hall offers an additional perk. Before or after your session, you can enjoy a variety of food options available upstairs, making for a well-rounded outing.

In summary, Wrecking Ballers in Salem, Oregon, stands out not just as the city’s sole rage room, but as a top-tier destination for stress relief, fun, and unique experiences. Its range of packages, safety measures, and additional amenities make it a must-visit spot for residents and visitors alike seeking an alternative way to unwind and let loose.

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More Rage Rooms in Oregon

There was a rage room in Eugene, an hour south of Salem. Known as Demolition Zone, this was a popular place to smash stuff. However, it sadly went out of business in 2022.

For those north of Salem, you’ll find two more rage rooms in Portland. You can read about those in our Portland Rage Rooms Guide.