The Best Rage Rooms In Portland, Oregon

Feeling stressed? Have the urge to chuck a plate at a wall? Welcome to the world of rage rooms, where you can let loose without the cleanup (or the regret)

OutRaged Rage Room - Portland

In this guide, we’ll explore the best rage rooms in and around Portland, Oregon – the city that’s proving you don’t need a forest to unleash your inner bear.

So, pull on your safety goggles, secure your sledgehammer, and let’s break into the cathartic world of controlled chaos.

Map of Rage Rooms Near Portland

There is only one rage room in Portland – Smash PDX. However, you also have the option to head north across the river to Vancouver where you’ll find the OutRaged Rage Room. For those living south of the city, Wreckingballers, located in nearby Salem, is also an option to consider.

You can see each of these rage rooms on the map below, or read on to learn about each of them and decide which to visit first.

Smash PDX

Embrace your inner rebel at Smash PDX, the premier rage room experience in Portland, Oregon. Conveniently situated off the I-205 near the airport, Smash PDX is a haven for stress relief, providing not just a typical rage room, but also the only car smashing room in town, ensuring a unique venting experience.

Smash PDX Rage Room
Photo: Smash PDX Rage Room

This innovative entertainment venue offers an array of packages that cater to solo ragers or groups of up to ten people.

Prices start at a modest $30 for a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) 30-minute session. Group rates range from $65 to $340, with duration and breakable items increasing with the group size. 

The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly their car smashing packages, starting at $50 for a 25-minute rampage. For those seeking a more personalized rage experience, you can request a new car to be rolled in for your session. Just make sure to call at least 14 days in advance. 

But Smash PDX isn’t just about destruction. The establishment caters to all ages and offers family-friendly activities, like their fun-filled splatter paint room. This is a place where you can unleash your creativity and let loose, all while enjoying an excellent bang for your buck. Plus, all sessions are tax-free, amplifying the value of your smashing spree.

Regular giveaways and promos on their social media accounts add to the excitement of this unique recreational spot. If you’re in the Portland/Vancouver metro area and need a stress-busting adventure, Smash PDX is definitely worth the short drive.

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OutRaged Rage Room

OutRaged is a rage room located just over the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington that also serves Portland, Oregon.

Born from a family’s quest to manage life’s struggles, OutRaged offers a therapeutic, judgement-free zone where you can safely unleash your stress by smashing objects to your heart’s content.

outraged room rage room
Photo: OutRaged Rage Room

Just a short drive north of Portland, you’ll find this unique stress-relief experience that’s suitable for everyone. OutRaged ensures fun for all ages, with packages accommodating from one to fifteen people.

Starting at just $25 for a 15-minute solo session, there’s an option for every budget and group size. Packages range up to $525 for a one-hour session for fifteen people, each including a number of breakable items.

OutRaged operates from Tuesday to Saturday, with extended hours on weekends. They provide all necessary safety gear, but make sure to wear closed-toe shoes for your session. Minors are welcome, although a guardian must sign a waiver for them.

Unique to OutRaged is the ability to make the experience truly your own. Not only can you bring your own breakable items, but you can also share your playlist to ensure your favorite tunes soundtrack your smashing spree.

Whether you’re looking to vent frustrations or just seeking a unique recreational experience, OutRaged provides a safe, constructive environment to let go and have fun.

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Wreckingballers is one of the top rage rooms in Oregon. Situated in Salem, an hour’s drive south of Portland, Wreckingballers provides a unique way to let off some steam.

Couple wreck together in Rage room - Portland
Photo: Wreckingballers

The concept is simple: book your time, show up, and break stuff. Wreckingballers provides all necessary protective gear, including helmets, face guards, jumpsuits, and gloves, ensuring that your smashing spree is both fun and safe.

This rage room offers several packages starting at $30, which includes protective gear, a variety of thrashing tools, 15 items to destroy, and a slo-mo video of your session to share.

If you want more destruction, upgrade to the $45 package with more items and tools. For a unique date night, opt for the $80 couple package with a whopping 45 items to smash.

Wreckingballers is suitable for ages 16 and up, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. They’ve also got a Paint Room for younger kids to enjoy a different kind of mess. To keep the experience safe, only one person is allowed in the wreck room at a time, with the rest of the group watching the destruction from a protected viewing area.

Located in the basement of the Fork Forty Food Hall, Wreckingballers is easy to find. They encourage booking in advance, but if you’re in the area and feeling spontaneous, you’re welcome to drop by. However, intoxicated participants are not allowed, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

With an assortment of items to break, including bottles, pottery, VHS tapes, and electronics, Wreckingballers offers an exhilarating way to release stress and have fun.

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Which rage room to choose?

Portland offers unique and exhilarating rage room experiences for everyone. 

OutRaged Rage Room in Vancouver, just across the river from Portland, provides a family-owned, judgement-free zone for letting out stress and anger, with flexible options for groups of different sizes. Their unique offerings include the ability to bring your own breakables, or to choose from a variety of packages for individuals or groups.

On the other hand, Wreckingballers, a rage room in Salem, south of Portland, offers a wild ride with their high-definition slow-motion video feature, turning your stress-busting session into a memorable keepsake. They also provide a Paint Room for a less destructive, but equally liberating, mess-making experience.

And let’s not forget Smash PDX, located right in the heart of Portland. This rage room takes the experience up a notch with its immersive, customizable music options and robust safety measures. Its variety of packages, including the unique ‘Office Space’ experience, and the ability to customize your session with your choice of breakables, makes it a standout choice for a safe, fun, and cathartic release.

In our books, it’s the best because it brilliantly combines safety, customization, and variety, delivering an unbeatable stress-busting experience.