What to Wear to a Rage Room

If you’re looking to let off some steam and release your pent-up anger, a rage room might be just what you need. But before you can start smashing things, you might be wondering what to wear to a rage room. After all, you want to be comfortable and safe while you’re breaking stuff!

Some gear will be provided, but you also need to make sure you’re wearing the right stuff when you arrive to. So, read on and I’ll give you all the info you need.

What to Wear to a Rage Room

1. Comfortable Clothing

When it comes to what to wear to a rage room, comfort is key. You’ll be moving around a lot and breaking things, so you want to wear something that won’t restrict your movement.

Opt for loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics like cotton or athletic wear. Avoid wearing anything too tight or constricting, as this can make it difficult to move around and may cause you to overheat. After all, smashing stuff up is a sweaty job!

colorful shirts

2. Long Pants and Sleeves

Wearing long pants and sleeves to a rage room is highly recommended for safety reasons and many rooms will insist on it.

When you’re breaking things in a rage room, there’s a risk of getting cut or scraped by flying debris or broken glass. Wearing long pants and sleeves can help protect your skin from these hazards.

3. Closed-toe Shoes

Another important consideration when choosing what to wear to a rage room is footwear. Closed-toe shoes are a must, as you’ll be breaking things and there’s a risk of sharp objects flying around.

man wearing long sleeves and denim pants

Choose shoes that are comfortable and provide good support, as you’ll be standing and moving around for an extended period of time. Sneakers, hiking boots or work boots are good choices, as they provide both comfort and support.

Wearing open-toe shoes can leave your feet exposed to cuts, scrapes, bruises or even fractures. If you turn up in sandals, flip-flops or Crocs then there’s a high chance that you’ll be turned away.

4. Protective Gear

The rage room you visit will provide you with some form of protective gear, but you can choose to bring your own if you have it. You’ll usually be given a helmet, goggles and gloves, which you must wear at all times. 

safety gears

Some rage room companies also provide face shields and even chest protectors. You may also be offered a jumpsuit which you can use to cover your own clothes if needed.

If you have any concerns about safety, don’t hesitate to ask the staff at the rage room for advice. They’ll be happy to help you choose the right protective gear to wear during your session.

What Not to Wear to a Rage Room

Jewelry or Accessories

When it comes to what not to wear to a rage room, jewelry and accessories are at the top of the list. You don’t want anything that can get caught on something or fly off and hit you or someone else.

jewelry accessories in box

Avoid wearing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings. If you have piercings, remove them before entering the rage room. You also want to avoid wearing watches or fitness trackers as they can break or get damaged during the session.

Restrictive Clothing

Another thing to avoid when dressing for a rage room is restrictive clothing. You want to be able to move around freely and not feel constricted. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or anything that restricts your movement. Instead, opt for comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that allow you to move around freely.

Your Best Outfit

It’s important to keep in mind that you will be breaking things and it can get messy in the rage room. Some rage rooms let you splatter paint or you might get covered in other kinds of debris.

So, avoid wearing anything that you don’t want to get dirty or damaged. It’s best to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or ripped.

man wearing whole-body pullover suit


Now that you know what to wear to a rage room, you can focus on enjoying the experience. Remember to wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and won’t restrict your range of motion. Closed-toe shoes are a must to protect your feet from any broken glass or debris.

It’s important to keep in mind that while rage rooms can provide a temporary release of stress and frustration, they are not a substitute for professional mental health treatment. If you’re struggling with anger management or other mental health issues, it’s important to seek help from a licensed therapist or mental health professional.

Overall, a visit to a rage room can be a fun and unique way to blow off some steam and let out your frustrations in a safe and controlled environment. Just remember to dress appropriately and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.