The Best Rage Rooms in St Louis

In the bustling heart of the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri, often famed for its iconic Gateway Arch and rich history, is now embracing a modern way to de-stress: rage rooms.

As the urban landscape continuously evolves, these unique spaces are cropping up to offer an unusual yet therapeutic blend of entertainment and emotional release. Currently boasting one stellar establishment and with another on the horizon, the city is setting the stage for those seeking a one-of-a-kind cathartic experience.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Dive with us into the world of controlled chaos as we spotlight the best rage rooms St. Louis has to offer. Whether you’re a curious first-timer or a seasoned smasher, the Gateway City is ready to cater to your need for release.

Map of Rage Rooms in St Louis

On the map below, you can see the location of Smash Rage Room, St Louis. There are plans for a second venue to open in 2023. The address hasn’t yet been published, but you can read more on the plans below…

Smash Rage Room

Smash Rage Room
Photo: Smash Rage Room

Located just south of St. Louis on Route 55 is the unique and exhilarating experience of the Smash Rage Room. For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is where you get to take out all your frustrations by smashing various items in a safe environment. The best part? You don’t have to clean up!

Owners Terry & Christine have carved out this niche sanctuary for those looking to release stress or just try something new. Whether it’s for team-building, celebrating a breakup, a girls’ night out, a birthday, or even a gender reveal, the Smash Rage Room has you covered.

While the main attraction is certainly the smashing, it’s not just about destruction. Their Splatter Paint Room offers a splash of creativity for all ages, with packages ranging from $15-$40. Whether you paint with brushes, sponges, or just your hands, you can create a masterpiece and take it home.

What sets the Smash Rage Room apart is the privacy and exclusivity. Since they operate strictly by appointment, you are guaranteed a private session, ensuring an uninterrupted experience. 

Those under 16 need a parent present, and expectant mothers are advised against smashing. However, everyone is welcome in the Splatter Paint Room.

Booking is a breeze through their online portal. The sessions, whether you’re smashing or painting, last 20 minutes. They offer various time slots throughout the week to cater to diverse schedules. And if you’re planning an outing for more than five people, just give them a call!

In conclusion, the Smash Rage Room offers a mix of adrenaline and artistry. Whether you’re letting off steam or unleashing your inner artist, this spot is definitely worth a visit.

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The Break Room STL (Coming Soon)

Coming in 2023 to St. Louis, The Break Room STL promises to offer a unique experience that offers much more than the thrill of breaking objects.

This innovative establishment aims to be a bridge between the community and healing. While the concept of “rage rooms” is not new, The Break Room STL is redefining the experience by combining entertainment with empowerment in an explosive, yet therapeutic way.

Founded by the dynamic Ellie Scott, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana who now calls St. Louis home, this venture serves as her way of nudging the community closer to a more sustainable, healthier future. Ellie, who has a background in project management and is also a published author, pours her passion and skills into making The Break Room STL a haven of cathartic healing.

St. Louis, with its history of generational grief, economic disparity, and societal challenges, is the perfect place for such an establishment. The Break Room STL acknowledges that while the act of smashing items can provide a brief respite, true healing requires deeper community involvement and resources. They take this responsibility seriously, shying away from the term “rage room” due to its limited emotional scope. After all, their mission is not just to provide an outlet for anger, but to encourage exploration, curiosity, and creative expression.

In a bid to make mental healthcare accessible to all, The Break Room STL has launched the Break Free Fund. Every ticket sale contributes to this fund, ensuring that those in need of mental healthcare services have an opportunity to access them.

Furthermore, Ellie and her team are actively collaborating with mental health advocates and professionals in the area. Their input ensures that while patrons experience the thrill of breaking objects, they are also surrounded by an environment that promotes emotional safety.

The Break Rooms STL has tested out some pop-up events, but no permanent address has been announced at the time of writing. Watch this space.

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