The Best Rage Rooms in Minneapolis

As life gets busier and pressures mount, rage rooms offer a unique (and incredibly satisfying) way to release tension. If you’re in Minneapolis and looking for rage rooms near you, you’ll probably be confused though, as the internet seems to suggest that the city has a great choice of dens of destruction.

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

However, my research has deemed that this is not the case at all. Yes, there are plenty of escape rooms, but when it comes to rage rooms, there’s only one that’s currently open in 2023 – the WreckIt Rage Room in Savage.

So, read on to see what you can expect if you’re wanting to get smash-happy in MN.

WreckIt Rage Room

WreckIt Rage Room
Photo: WreckIt Rage Room

Located in the aptly named city of Savage, 15 miles south-southwest of downtown Minneapolis, you’ll find WreckIt Rage Room. This unique facility invites visitors to channel their inner fury, offering a cathartic release unlike any other.

Upon entering, guests can browse the extensive Smashables Gallery, selecting the ideal items that they’re eager to obliterate. Everything from plates to keyboards awaits, ready to meet its smashing fate.

For those looking for a customized experience, WreckIt offers a range of tailored packages. The ‘Wreck It!’ and ‘VIP Destroy It!’ sessions, for instance, vary in duration, number of items to smash, and the number of participants allowed. And for those who fancy something a little different, there’s the Throwing Alley, where visitors can toss items to their heart’s content.

Groups, too, can indulge in the destruction. The rage rooms are designed to accommodate small teams, providing a bonding experience that’s far from your typical team-building workshop. As one elated visitor, Ward, aptly puts it, this is a place where “people let go of their inhibitions… I highly recommend for parties, work events, or just to wind down after a bad day!”

And if you’ve got junk cluttering your home, WreckIt has a solution for that, too. They welcome donations of unwanted items, transforming your discarded goods into instruments of delightful destruction for another visitor.

So, if you’re in the Minneapolis area and seeking an adrenaline-pumping, stress-busting activity, WreckIt Rage Room promises an unforgettable experience. Dive into the world of controlled chaos and emerge with a renewed sense of calm.

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Wreck-It-Room LLC

Wreck-It-Room LLC
Photo: Wreck-It-Room LLC

According to the internet, Minneapolis has a mobile rage room that promises to bring the smash session to you. However, upon investigation, I believe that this company is no longer in business as nobody answers the phone or emails.

According to their website, this mobile rage room offers a variety of packages tailored to fit different needs and budgets. For those looking for a quick smash on the go, the mobile “Basic Smash Package” is a steal at $15. There’s also a “Deluxe Smash” for two at $30.

Organizing an event? The “Event Smash Basic Package” covers setup and provides smashing fun for a minimum of 10 participants. And for those looking to personalize their experience, the “BYOG” (Bring Your Own Glass) allows you to bring special items for a 5-minute smashing session at just $10.

While this all sounds great, and the prices are incredibly reasonable, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about trying to book a session with this company.

You’d be better off heading to Savage for a session at the similarly named ‘WreckIt Rage Room’, which is definitely in business.

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