The Best Rage Rooms in Atlanta Georgia

Are you tired of keeping your cool, behaving like a civilized human being, and suppressing your urge to scream into the void?

Well, it’s time to let loose and unleash your inner Hulk at the best rage rooms in Atlanta!

Rage room - Atlanta

Get ready for a smashing good time as we embark on an epic journey through the ATL’s best destinations for cathartic destruction. Say goodbye to etiquette, and hello to the sweet sound of shattering glass, as we explore the top spots for channeling your rage and blowing off steam.

Buckle up, angry friends—Atlanta’s rage rooms are calling, and they’re ready to help you turn that frown upside down, one broken item at a time!

Map of Rage Rooms in Atlanta

There are currently six rage rooms within an hour of Atlanta. You can see them all on the map below to find your nearest.

Many of these also offer other activities such as axe throwing, pain splattering, trampolining, and escape rooms to name but a few. So, whether you want a quick 15-minute session to smash up your ex’s stuff or a full day out with your friends, you can use thie guide to choose the best rage room for your needs.

So, read on to learn more about each of the rage rooms in and around Atlanta.


Located in Marietta, Georgia, Outrage is just 30 minutes northwest of downtown Atlanta. Here, you can indulge in a wave of cathartic destruction, or simply enjoy a unique bonding experience with friends as you obliterate breakable items in a safe environment.

Outrage - Atlanta
Photo: outrageatl

Outrage offers a variety of activities to cater to different tastes. The Raging Glass Bash, priced at $90 for two people, allows you to unleash your inner beast. Additional participants can join in at a cost of $30 each, with the room accommodating a maximum of three people.

The company offers discounts for students, teachers, military personnel, and first responders.

If you fancy a different kind of thrill, you can try your hand at axe throwing, with sessions starting from $20 for younger participants and $30 for adults.

You can also express your emotions creatively through Rage Painting. For $40, you’ll receive all the necessary equipment, including a blank canvas, to translate your rage into a masterpiece.

For group activities or team building sessions, Outrage offers party packages with full access to the Rage Room. They accommodate up to 15 guests with an hourly rate of $370, and you can bring your own food and decorations or opt for their grub options for an additional fee.

Outrage was founded by two young entrepreneurs with a mission to provide a safe space for individuals to let loose without consequences, acknowledging the struggle many face with mental health issues.

As a member of their Major Ragers loyalty program, you can earn points and redeem rewards, enhancing your rage room experience.

Please note that no walk-ins are allowed here, so you’ll need to book in advance.

Parking, including wheelchair access, is free, and a complimentary coat check service is available.

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Go Ham

If you’re planning a party in Atlanta you can let the rage room come to you with GoHam. This company offers not only mobile rage rooms but also paint splatter parties, backyard movie theaters, escape rooms, murder mysteries, and giant games.

Go ham - Atlanta
Photo: gohamatl

Here’s how it works:

After booking, you’ll consult with a GoHam representative to discuss the details of your event, including date, time, and location.

On the big day, a GoHam representative will come to your chosen venue and set up the rage room, complete with smashables, bashables, extras, protective gear, and equipment for smashing.

Smashables are small, easily destructible items like glassware and bottles, while bashables are larger objects such as TVs, printers, and monitors that require a group effort to destroy.

After going over safety procedures and rules, you and your guests will have a set amount of time to indulge in some good old-fashioned smashing and bashing.

Once the chaos subsides, the GoHam representative will take care of the cleanup, breaking down the tent and packing up all the broken remnants of your destructive spree.

Please note that the minimum age for participants is 8 years old, with all attendees required to sign a waiver (and parental consent required for those under 18).

So why not elevate your next gathering with a GoHam rage room experience? It’s the perfect way to let loose and bond with friends and family while enjoying a truly unforgettable event.

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Smash N Dash

Located just an hour north of Atlanta in Resaca, GA, Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room offers a unique and exciting way to relieve stress and let off steam. Catering to ages 7 to adult, the venue provides three adrenaline-pumping experiences: a rage room, rage painting, and axe throwing.

Smash n dash rage room - Atlanta
Photo: Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room

The rage room allows customers to smash breakable objects like plates, glasses, and electronics using baseball bats, sledgehammers, and other tools

All safety gear is provided, and the facility ensures thorough sanitation of equipment between uses. Pregnant women can enjoy the rage paint and axe-throwing activities but are advised not to participate in the rage room.

Rage painting is a form of art therapy that allows participants to express their emotions through paint, creating unique and abstract works of art. Meanwhile, axe throwing offers an opportunity to channel stress into a focused and skill-based activity. 

For those seeking a memorable activity or date night, Smash ‘N Dash offers a fantastic package deal. For only $130, two people can enjoy over an hour of fun, including 20 minutes in the rage room, 20 minutes of rage painting, and 30 minutes of axe throwing. This all-in-one experience offers a great value and a thrilling way to release pent-up emotions while bonding with friends or loved ones.

So, if you’re looking for an unconventional way to relieve stress and have a blast, head to Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room in Resaca, Georgia, and unleash your inner rage monster in a safe and controlled environment.

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REKT Inc is located in West Georgia, around one hour west of Atlanta. Here you can release pent-up emotions and stress with a variety of smash packages, which include items ranging from small glassware to large windshields and even cars.

Woman smashing CPU - REKT rage room
Photo: REKT Inc. Rage Room

With an arsenal of weapons like sledgehammers, crowbars, baseball bats, and even legendary movie and TV show weapons, you can unleash your fury in a fun, safe environment solo or with friends and family.

This rage room is perfect for all ages, as long as participants under 18 are accompanied by an adult.

Feel free to connect to the provided Bluetooth speaker and jam out to your own music while you rage.

Additionally, you can enhance your experience by adding special weaponry or themed powder bombs, such as Molotov Cocktail Bombs or Jingle Bombs, which release a colorful cloud of smoke upon destruction.

Various rage packages cater to different preferences, such as the “Axe Your Ex” or “Hulk Smash” options. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, try the “Birthday Bash” or “Car Smash” party packages for an unforgettable experience.

After smashing to your heart’s content, you don’t have to rush out. Located inside a Lock City Adventures facility, REKT Inc. offers a Play Plus Lounge with the latest gaming consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch) and classic lobby games like Connect 4, Jenga, and UNO. You can also check out the nearby Lock City Escape Games’ unique escape rooms.

To ensure availability, especially on Saturdays, it’s highly recommended that you book your rage room session in advance. Each session lasts 45 minutes, but with board games and the Play Plus Gaming Lounge, you can continue to enjoy your time even after the smashing ends.

So, head to Atlanta’s premier rage room to let off some steam and indulge in a therapeutic, adrenaline-pumping experience that’s perfect for everyone.

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Escape and Evade

Escape and Evade Adventure Zone, located just 1 mile east of downtown Jasper on HWY 53, roughly 60 miles north of Atlanta.

escape and evade - Atlanta
Photo: Escape & Evade

This family fun center in North Georgia offers an array of entertainment options, including one of the largest laser tag arenas in the South, three mind-challenging escape rooms, and two Free Roam Virtual Reality Simulators. Younger guests can enjoy the extreme bounce area featuring inflatable bounce houses and a trampoline section.

One of the main highlights of Escape and Evade Adventure Zone is their unique rage room, where you can safely unleash your frustrations in a non-judgmental environment. 

With four different packages to choose from, you can smash a variety of items using a baseball bat. Select from the Grab and Smash ($15) with 15 breakable items, Kitchen Sink ($25) with 15 breakable items and 2 kitchen appliances, Office Space ($25) with 15 breakable items and 2 office items, or Night out on the Town ($45) with 15 breakable items, 1 office item, 1 kitchen appliance, and 1 piece of furniture for a 2-person session.

Reservations are not required for the rage room, but supplies for certain packages may run out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants between 14 and 18 years of age must have parental consent, and no one under 14 is allowed. 

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Extreme Hopp

At XtremeHopp Johns Creek, you’ll find an adrenaline-pumping, stress-relieving experience like no other. 

Kids in Extreme Hopp - Atlanta
Photo: XtremeHopp

As well as an exciting rage room, this facility is packed full of attractions for the whole family, including a trampoline park, Ninja Warrior and Parkour courses, High 9 Reactive Wall game, Foam Pit, Battle Beam, Log Roll, Rock Climbing challenge, Extreme Dodgeball, Slam Dunk, Paintball, Splatter Room, Axe Throwing, and an Escape Room. 

Located 30 minutes north of Atlanta City Center, this unique smash room experience is well worth a visit. It’s deared towards ages 12 and up (with parental supervision for those aged 12-17).

You can bring your own smashables if you wish and even connect your phone to their Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite tunes while you smash away!

When it’s time to recharge, head over to the Bolt Café for a delicious meal or snack. Offering freshly made soups, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, hot-off-the-grill options, coffee, baked goods, a kids menu, pizza, and party platters, you won’t leave hungry.

XtremeHopp Johns Creek is also the perfect venue for unforgettable birthday parties and corporate events. With years of experience in organizing award-winning kids’ birthday parties, they’ll handle all the planning and details, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone.

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