Does Amazon Have a Scream Room? The Truth Uncovered

Recently, rumors have been circulating online that the world-famous retailer Amazon has installed “scream rooms” in their warehouses for employees to use when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

woman screaming

These rumors have sparked much controversy and discussion on social media, with many people expressing concern and outrage over the idea of such rooms existing.

While it’s true that Amazon has implemented various wellness initiatives for their employees, including meditation rooms and “ZenBooths,” the company has denied the existence of specially-made “scream rooms”.

But, the Amazon scream rooms story has continued to gain traction online, with many people using it as an example of the negative impact that Amazon’s tough working conditions have on their employees.

This raises important questions about the company’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment, as well as the need for better mental health support and resources for workers in all industries.

So, what is a scream room, exactly?

A scream room is a designated area where individuals can go to release their pent-up frustrations by screaming, shouting, and yelling, without fear of judgment or repercussion.

These rooms are typically soundproofed and may either have padded walls or be equipped with objects that can be safely smashed, such as old electronics, dishes, or furniture.

soundproof booths

The concept of scream rooms has gained popularity in recent years as a form of stress relief and anger management. Some companies have even started to incorporate these rooms into their workplaces as a way to help employees manage stress and improve productivity.

While scream rooms may seem like a new and unconventional concept, they are actually rooted in ancient practices.

For example, the primal scream therapy popularized in the 60s and 70s encouraged individuals to let out their emotions through screams and other primal sounds as a way of releasing pent-up emotions and healing psychological wounds.

Does Amazon really have scream rooms?

Reports of Amazon scream rooms

There have been reports of Amazon installing “wellness chambers” or “ZenBooths” in their warehouses for employees to use when they feel overwhelmed. These small, enclosed spaces are meant to provide a quiet and private area for employees to collect themselves and decompress.

Some employees have referred to these spaces as “scream rooms,” suggesting that they are intended for employees to scream out their frustrations.

The concept of a scream room has been met with mixed reactions. While some employees appreciate the idea of having a private space to collect themselves, others see it as a band-aid solution to larger problems within the workplace.

Some critics argue that Amazon should focus on improving working conditions and reducing stress levels rather than providing a space for employees to scream.

Amazon’s response

Amazon has acknowledged the existence of these spaces but has pushed back against the idea that they are meant for screaming.

Amazon said that the “ZenBooth” or “Mindful Practice Room,” as it’s called, is part of its WorkingWell program which includes a mix of “physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support” meant to “help them recharge and reenergize.” 

Amazon stated that the “ZenBooths” are intended for “quiet reflection,” and that they are just one part of a larger program aimed at promoting employee well-being. The company has also committed to spending $300 million on safety improvements in its warehouses.

While Amazon’s efforts to promote employee well-being are commendable, some critics argue that the company needs to do more to address the root causes of stress and burnout among its employees. The debate over whether or not Amazon has a scream room highlights the larger issue of workplace stress and the need for employers to prioritize employee well-being.


While there have been reports of Amazon offering “wellness chambers” or “despair closets” for employees to use when feeling overwhelmed, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that they have a dedicated scream room. However, it is clear that Amazon has faced criticism for their treatment of employees, particularly those working in warehouses and as delivery drivers.

Reports of grueling working conditions, including a lack of bathroom breaks and high rates of injury, have sparked concerns about the company’s labor practices. Despite this, Amazon has continued to grow and expand, becoming one of the world’s largest retailers and tech companies.

As Amazon continues to face scrutiny over its treatment of workers, it remains to be seen whether the company will make significant changes to improve conditions. In the meantime, employees may have to rely on existing resources, such as employee assistance programs or mental health resources, to cope with the stress of their jobs.